Cartes Force of Will : Crimson Moon's Fairy Tale

CMF-001UncommonAesop, the Prince's TutorLightResonator
CMF-002CommonBlinded PrinceLightResonator
CMF-003CommonClothes TailorLightResonator
CMF-004CommonDream of JulietLightSpell : Chant - Instant
CMF-005RareGrimm, the Fairy Tale PrinceLightRuler
CMF-006CommonHoly GrailLightAddition : Field (Relic)
CMF-007UncommonJeweled Branch of HoraiLightAddition : Field (Treasury Item)
CMF-008Super RareJuliet, the HopeLightResonator
CMF-009CommonKing's ServantLightResonator
CMF-010CommonKnight of LoyaltyLightResonator
CMF-011CommonLight of HopeLightSpell - Chant - Standby
CMF-012RareLight Palace, the King's CastleLightAddition : Field (Castle)
CMF-013RarePandora, Girl of the Box & Pandora of LightLightRuler/J-Ruler
CMF-014Super RareRapunzel, the Long Haired PrincessLightResonator
CMF-015UncommonReturn to StoriesLightSpell : Chant - Instant
CMF-016CommonSilver StakeLightAddition : Resonator (Weapon)
CMF-017RareTell a Fairy TaleLightSpell : Chant
CMF-018UncommonThe Emperor with New ClothesLightResonator
CMF-019RareTinker Bell, the SpiritLightResonator
CMF-020CommonBasket of Little RedFireAddition : Resonator (Arcane Item)
CMF-021RareBloody MoonFireAddition : Field (Moon)
CMF-022CommonClockwork Apple BombFireSpell - Chant - Standby
CMF-023RareCommander of WolvesFireResonator
CMF-024Super RareGilles de Rais, the Golden DragonFireResonator
CMF-025CommonGranny by the FireplaceFireResonator
CMF-026CommonHunter in Black ForestFireResonator
CMF-027RareLittle Red Riding Hood & Little Red, the Wolf GirlFireRuler/J-Ruler
CMF-028Super RareLoup-Garou, the New MoonFireResonator
CMF-029UncommonMoon Night PouncerFireResonator
CMF-030CommonMurderous SnowmanFireResonator
CMF-031CommonPoison AppleFireSpell : Chant - Instant
CMF-032UncommonPurifying FireFireSpell : Chant
CMF-033CommonRed Hot Iron ShoesFireAddition : Resonator (Arcane Item)
CMF-034UncommonRobe of Fire-RatFireAddition : Field (Treasury Item)
CMF-035CommonSeven DwarfsFireResonator
CMF-036RareSnow White & Bloody Snow WhiteWaterRuler/J-Ruler
CMF-037UncommonWolf-Haunted in Black ForestFireResonator
CMF-038RareThunderFireSpell : Chant - Instant
CMF-039CommonArcher of the Crescent MoonWaterResonator
CMF-040UncommonCharles VIIWaterResonator
CMF-041Super RareDeep OnesWaterResonator
CMF-042CommonFive ChallengesWaterSpell - Chant - Standby
CMF-043RareHamelin's Pied PiperWaterResonator
CMF-044UncommonHeavenly Feathered RobeWaterAddition : Field (Treasury Item)
CMF-045RareInquisitionWaterSpell : Chant
CMF-046CommonKnight of the New MoonWaterResonator
CMF-047RareNameless Girl & Jeanne d'Arc, the Flame of HatredWaterRuler/J-Ruler
CMF-048CommonOne-Inch BoyWaterResonator
CMF-049RarePale MoonWaterAddition : Field (Moon)
CMF-050UncommonRabbit KickWaterSpell : Instant
CMF-051CommonRat Catcher's PipeWaterAddition : Resonator (Arcane Item)
CMF-052RareSeer of the Blue Moon & Kaguya, Princess of the MoonWaterRuler/J-Ruler
CMF-053CommonServant of KaguyaWaterResonator
CMF-054CommonSquirmer of the DarkWaterResonator
CMF-055UncommonStone Bowl of BuddhaWaterAddition : Field (Treasury Item)
CMF-056Super RareSwordsman of the Full MoonWaterResonator
CMF-057CommonVoice of the False GodWaterSpell : Chant - Instant
CMF-058CommonAbsolute Cake ZoneWindSpell : Chant - Instant
CMF-059UncommonAramis, the Three MusketeersWindResonator
CMF-060Super RareAthos, the Three MusketeersWindResonator
CMF-061RareChristie, the Wind Tracker & Helsing, the Vampire HunterWindRuler/J-Ruler
CMF-062RareCottage of CakesWindAddition : Field (House)
CMF-063UncommonCowrie of SwallowsWindAddition : Field (Treasury Item)
CMF-064CommonCrucifixWindAddition : Resonator (Weapon)
CMF-065CommonElvish BowmanWindResonator
CMF-066CommonElvish ExorcistWindResonator
CMF-067CommonElvish PriestWindResonator
CMF-068RareFina, the Silver PlayerWindResonator
CMF-070Super RareHanselWindResonator
CMF-071RareLaw of SilenceWindSpell : Chant - Instant
CMF-072CommonMusketeer's BayonetWindAddition : Resonator (Weapon)
CMF-073CommonPorthos, the Three MusketeersWindResonator
CMF-074RarePuss in Boots & D'Artagnan, the BayoneteerWindRuler/J-Ruler
CMF-075CommonSiege WarfareWindSpell - Chant - Standby
CMF-076UncommonSilver BulletWindSpell : Chant
CMF-077RareAlucard, the Dark Noble & Dracula, the Demonic OneDarknessRuler/J-Ruler
CMF-078RareAlvarez, the Demon CastleDarknessAddition : Field (Castle)
CMF-079CommonBlack Coffin of VampiresDarknessAddition : Resonator (Tool)
CMF-080CommonBloodsucking ImpulseDarknessSpell : Chant - Instant
CMF-081Super RareCarmilla, the Queen of VampiresDarknessResonator
CMF-082Super RareCinderella, the Ashen MaidenDarknessResonator
CMF-083CommonDeadman PrinceDarknessResonator
CMF-084UncommonJewels on Dragon's NeckDarknessAddition : Field (Treasury Item)
CMF-085UncommonLora, the Blood SpeakerDarknessResonator
CMF-086CommonMidnight BellDarknessSpell - Chant - Standby
CMF-087RarePandora, Girl of the Box & Pandora of DarkDarknessRuler/J-Ruler
CMF-088CommonPumpkin WitchDarknessResonator
CMF-089UncommonResurrection of VampireDarknessSpell : Chant - Instant
CMF-090UncommonRomeo, the DespairDarknessResonator
CMF-091CommonServant of VampireDarknessResonator
CMF-092CommonSlipper of CinderellaDarknessAddition : Resonator (Arcane Item)
CMF-093RareSpiral of DespairDarknessSpell : Chant
CMF-094CommonVampire BatDarknessResonator
CMF-095RareVampire's StaffDarknessResonator
CMF-096RareMagic Stone of Black SilenceWind / DarknessSpecial Magic Stone
CMF-097RareMagic Stone of Deep WoodWind / WaterSpecial Magic Stone
CMF-098RareMagic Stone of Hearth's CoreFire / WaterSpecial Magic Stone
CMF-099RareMagic Stone of Heat RayLight / FireSpecial Magic Stone
CMF-100RareMagic Stone of Heaven's RiftLight / DarknessSpecial Magic Stone
CMF-101CommonMagic Stone of DarknessDarknessMagic Stone
CMF-102CommonMagic Stone of FlameFireMagic Stone
CMF-103CommonMagic Stone of LightLightMagic Stone
CMF-104CommonMagic Stone of WaterWaterMagic Stone
CMF-105CommonMagic Stone of WindWindMagic Stone