Cartes Force of Will : The Castle Of Heavens and The 2 Towers

TAT-001CommonBreath of the God
TAT-002UncommonCaterina, the Saint of Fantasy
TAT-003UncommonDon Quijote, the Wandering Knight
TAT-004Super RareGrimm, the Avenger of Fairy Tales
TAT-005CommonGuardian of Tower
TAT-006Super RareJeanne d'Arc, the Awakening Purity
TAT-007CommonJump to the Sky
TAT-008UncommonLight of Lumia
TAT-009CommonLonginus, the Holy Lance
TAT-010UncommonLumiel, the Tower of Hope
TAT-011CommonMarch of Saints
TAT-012CommonPure Spirit of Fantasy
TAT-013UncommonRealm of Pure Spirits
TAT-014UncommonSacred Princess of Guidance & Lumia, the Creator of Hope
TAT-015UncommonSacred Scepter of Exorcism
TAT-016CommonSeeking Sky Soldier
TAT-017UncommonSleeping Beauty
TAT-018CommonThe Queen's Butler
TAT-019CommonBeowulf, the Blazing Wolf
TAT-020CommonBig-Bang Revolution
TAT-021CommonCard Soldier "Diamond"
TAT-022CommonCard Soldier "Heart"
TAT-023UncommonDragon King's Flame
TAT-024CommonDuel of Truth
TAT-025UncommonEndless War
TAT-026UncommonFalltgold, the Dragoon & Bahamut, the Dragon King
TAT-027CommonForced Growth
TAT-028UncommonFthaggua, the Flame Spirit
TAT-029CommonGliding Dragon Knight
TAT-030CommonKusanagi Sword
TAT-031Super RareLittle Dread, the Fake Red Moon
TAT-032UncommonRapid Decay
TAT-033UncommonRealm of the Dragon King
TAT-034UncommonRedbird of Omen
TAT-035UncommonWicked Witch of the West
TAT-036Super RareYamata-no-Orochi, the Eight Disasters
TAT-037UncommonAlice in Wonderland & Alice, the Drifter in the World
TAT-038UncommonAlice's World
TAT-039Super RareCheshire Cat, the Grinning Remnant
TAT-040UncommonCrossroad of Worlds
TAT-041CommonDestructive Flow
TAT-042UncommonDreams of Wonderland
TAT-043Super RareHumpty Dumpty
TAT-044UncommonLittle Mermaid of Tragic Love
TAT-045UncommonMad Hatter
TAT-046UncommonMad Tea-Party
TAT-047UncommonMarch Hare
TAT-048CommonRiina, the Girl with Nothing
TAT-049CommonSeashore Fisherman
TAT-050CommonShallows Giant Dolphin
TAT-051CommonSleeping Rat
TAT-052CommonStar Money
TAT-053CommonWhirlpool of Knowledge
TAT-054CommonWitch's Dagger
TAT-055CommonBrainless Scarecrow
TAT-056CommonCowardly Lion
TAT-057UncommonCrimson Girl in the Sky & Little Red, the True Fairy Tale
TAT-058UncommonDorothy, the Lost Girl
TAT-060CommonEvolution of Limits
TAT-061Super RareGardea, the Guardian Dragon of Heaven
TAT-062Super RareGlinda, the Fairy
TAT-063UncommonGuide of Heaven
TAT-064CommonHeartless Tin Man
TAT-065UncommonOz, the Great Wizard
TAT-066UncommonOz's Magic
TAT-067CommonPortal of Truth
TAT-068UncommonRealm of Evolution
TAT-069UncommonRefarth, the Castle in Heaven
TAT-070CommonSilver Shoes
TAT-071CommonWolf in the Sky
TAT-072UncommonXeex the Ancient Magic
TAT-073UncommonAl-Hader, the Tower of Despair
TAT-074CommonCard Soldier "Club"
TAT-075CommonCard Soldier "Spade"
TAT-076CommonDeath Sentence from the Queen
TAT-077CommonDemon's Curse
TAT-078CommonEbony Devil
TAT-079UncommonEbony Prophet & Abdul Alhazred, the Harbinger of Despair
TAT-080UncommonElder Things
TAT-081CommonJoker's Suit
TAT-082Super RareLaplacia, the Demon of Fate
TAT-083Super RareMephistopheles, the Abyssal Tyrant
TAT-085UncommonNeithardt, the Demon Knight
TAT-086UncommonQueen of Hearts
TAT-087CommonSpire Shadow Drake
TAT-088UncommonStoning to Death
TAT-089UncommonSummoning Art of Alhazred
TAT-090CommonWhisper from the Abyss
TAT-091Super RareAlmerius, the Levitating Stone
TAT-092Super RareFeethsing, the Holy Wind Stone
TAT-093Super RareGrusbalesta, the Sealing Stone
TAT-094UncommonMagic Stone of Blasting Waves
TAT-095UncommonMagic Stone of Dark Depth
TAT-096UncommonMagic Stone of Gusting Skies
TAT-097UncommonMagic Stone of Light Vapors
TAT-098UncommonMagic Stone of Scorched Bales
TAT-099Super RareMilest, the Ghostly Flame Stone
TAT-100Super RareMoojdart, the Fantasy Stone
TAT-101CommonMagic Stone of Light
TAT-102CommonMagic Stone of Flame
TAT-103CommonMagic Stone of Water
TAT-104CommonMagic Stone of Wind
TAT-105CommonMagic Stone of Darkness