Cartes Force of Will : Faria, The Sacred King and Melgis, The Flame King

VS01-001CommonBlessed Holy WolfLightResonator
VS01-002RareExcalibur, the God's SwordVoidRegalia (God's Item)
VS01-003RareFaria, the Sacred Queen & Faria, the Ruler of God SwordLightRuler/J-Ruler
VS01-004RareGalahad, the Son of the GodLightResonator
VS01-005Super RareGawain, the Knight of the SunLightResonator
VS01-006UncommonGloria's Castle TownLightAddition : Field (Castle)
VS01-007UncommonGwiber, the White DragonLightResonator
VS01-008CommonHerald of Sacred QueenLightResonator
VS01-009UncommonJustice of God's SwordLightSpell - Chant - Standby
VS01-010CommonOrder of Sacred QueenLightSpell : Chant
VS01-011Super RarePerceval, the Seeker of Holy GrailLightResonator
VS01-012CommonPride of KnightLightSpell : Chant - Instant
VS01-013CommonTemple MonkLightResonator
VS01-014UncommonTristan, the Knight of SorrowLightResonator
VS01-015CommonVeteran MasterLightResonator
VS01-016CommonYoung Knight of GloriaLightResonator
VS01-017UncommonCerto, the Blazing VolcanoFireAddition : Field (Mountain)
VS01-018CommonDemonflameFireSpell : Chant - Instant
VS01-019CommonDragoon of CertoFireResonator
VS01-020UncommonDraig, the Red DragonFireResonator
VS01-021CommonFlame King's ShoutFireSpell : Chant
VS01-022CommonFlamewing WyvernFireResonator
VS01-023UncommonFlash of Demon SwordFireSpell - Chant - Standby
VS01-024Super RareGuinevere, the Jealous QueenFireResonator
VS01-025UncommonHector de Maris, the Acolyte of Mad DemonFireResonator
VS01-026RareLaevateinn, the Demon SwordVoidRegalia (God's Item)
VS01-027Super RareLancelot, the Knight of Mad DemonFireResonator
VS01-028RareMelgis, the Flame King & Melgis, the One Charmed By the Demon SwordFireRuler/J-Ruler
VS01-029RareMordred, the TraitorFireResonator
VS01-030CommonRukh EggFireResonator
VS01-031CommonSpirit of CertoFireResonator
VS01-032CommonWhelp DrakeFireRuler
VS01-033CommonFire Magic StoneFireMagic Stone
VS01-034CommonLight Magic StoneLightMagic Stone
VS01-FA1Full ArtFire Magic StoneFireMagic Stone
VS01-FA2Full ArtWater Magic StoneWaterMagic Stone
VS01-FA3Full ArtLight Magic StoneLightMagic Stone
VS01-FA4Full ArtWind Magic StoneWindMagic Stone
VS01-FA5Full ArtDarkness Magic StoneDarknessMagic Stone