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The latest generation Cheap Harrison Barnes Jersey , Gen Z is apt in digital technologies, especially at internet and digital devices. Social media have become the lifeline of their internet life, keeping them updated about news and happenings around the globe. Currently at their school age, this generation is a step ahead in technology utilization than their parents and teachers. This facet can be utilized on their academic development through proper guidance and monitoring.Internet has become the primary space to store information Cheap Dallas Mavericks Hats , digital books, images and multimedia. This makes it a reliable source of academic information and resources that could be of massive use to students. The importance of online research in academics becomes imperative because of this aspect. However, research has suggested that many school age students do not have the patience to undertake difficult research. They also lack information about the sources of quality resources. Internet, although a potential tool Cheap Dallas Mavericks Hoodies , is yet to become popular among school students for online educational research. Even if some students use the platform, they require monitoring and guidance for quality research.

Students should be informed about the popular and safe educational websites where they could find quality educational resources. Schools should offer internet access to students but only in a restricted mode. Any international high school or any quality school would never allow complete access to internet. Schools should take a selective approach while providing internet access to students. Instead of blocking malicious sites, schools should only allow a number of websites in the restricted network, strictly following the quality of those sites. Only exclusive education portal such as Common Sense Media Cheap Dallas Mavericks Shirts , Google Scholar and other such dedicated platforms for education should be made available to students. Platform such as Google A Day Challenge can be of good utility at schools.

Another aspect that students should be made aware is Plagiarism. Teachers should teach them about importance and significance of aspects such as plagiarism and copyright. These common issues in the internet world should be introduced before encouraging them to research online. As information on internet might be anonymous, students are prone to copy them directly and claim as their own. However, the volatility and consequences of such attempt should be explained to them.

Internet at an early age can be a boon or a bane. It is up to the authorities and elders to made school students use this technology in the best way. Schools should offer internet access to students carefully scrutinizing its pros and cons. It should be implemented through strategic planning and in depth insights.

The Author is associated with Lancers International School. It is an
International Baccalaureate School offering excellent global standard education located in Gurgaon.

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Selecting the high-quality security devices for your home does not mean choosing modern technology but from this, you can get sought of relief regarding home security if you are not present there. But we never know, that how and when the burglaries entre our home wisely as they are masters in doing their job well, and they all know about the latest technology of home security device. So Cheap Yogi Ferrell Shirt , it is important to us to switch with the smart security solutions to live life freely and happily.

More it's quite useful for us if we use home security devices like motion sensors, digital door locks, door sensors, flood sensors surveillance cameras Fort McMurray and what not.

Not only home security devices will help to keep safe your homes but nowadays Cheap Josh McRoberts Shirt , smartphones carry some sensor in it and if you are in a long holiday or you have to go out of station for some emergency you can check your home security using your smartphones. So, you can enjoy your holiday tension free.

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