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Durant followed the ball with his eyes as it arced in the MTnba2k air and swished through the net. Durant watched his teammates drop their heads in disappointment and mtnba2k he felt the pain twice as much as anyone else. The Warriors won to continue their historic streak, and Durant and the Thunder were once again relegated to the role of observers.* * *SB Nation Presents: NBA rookies imitate Kobe, LeBron and more starsBe sure to subscribe to SB Nation's YouTube channel for highlight videos, features, analysis and more


Karl-Anthony Towns is only in his first year as an NBA player, so it's not surprising to see him make great strides into becoming a well-rounded professional. But we didn't expect him to progress this fast. This play against the New Orleans Pelicans just shows how much he can do on both ends of the court.From the moment the pass was initiated, Towns had his eye on the ball. And to celebrate that great steal, he decided to throw it down.


The Warriors have spent this season racking up wins, and as they've done so others have racked up opinions about just how good Stephen Curry and his team are. Former NBA player Stephen Jackson may have offered up the oddest take on the team when he said his2006-07 Warriors team would beat the current version.That Golden State team was good and very fun. But, that seems like an outrageous thing to say about a team that is currently 52-5.


The Warriors have done everything a team can do to assert its dominance this season. Golden State has smoked its top challengers, swept the other elites and broken records. What the Warriors do best, however, is meet a challenger on their terms. The Thunder, with their two-headed dragon of defiance, proved such an opponent on Saturday night.And Stephen Curry and his


Warriors relished in chopping off their heads.It's almost as if the Warriors want to see how close to defeat they can get before charging back to victory. The Thunder led by 12 in NBA Live 18 Coins the fourth, with Kevin Durant radiating heat and the non-Steph Warriors cold from outside. Then Curry cooked, OKC danced with the ghost of Scott Brooks' stagnant prevent offense and Golden State made the most of a few fortunate bounces.

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