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Thompson's was a catch-and-shoot with a Madden 18 Coins defender draped all over him; an assertion of incredible ability. He was, for all intents and purposes, unconscious from long range. He was also close to unguardable from the field in general. Not only did he abuse


Iguodala, he spent the earlier parts of the game showing Draymond Green the limitations of his defensive powers. During many instances, Durant waved off an incoming pick in order to go against Green one-on-one, a battle that he was coming out the winner more often than not.


It resulted in Green cursing himself and, in the locker room, his entire team's performance in frustration.Durant was playing as if he wanted the game more than anyone. As if the comments by Curry before the first match-up, where he prophesied a win against the Thunder, were still fresh in his mind.


For almost four whole quarters, the narrative stood that Kevin Durant out-dueled the MVP and propelled his team to an exhilarating victory.But with these Warriors, every mistake is rewarded with a debilitating punishment. And it was so that with less than 15 seconds left, Durant tossed the ball, victory and his own triumphant narrative into the hands of Golden State.


And so in overtime, with Golden State cheapest madden mobile coins hurtling once again to an inevitable win, and the Thunder needing all of the help they could get to try and prevent defeat, Durant was forced to sit on the bench and watch. It's one thing to try and fail. It's an entirely different situation to be unable to do anything to change your fate.Steph Curry ran down the court, released what would be the game-winner, and.

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