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Instagram has started taking a heavy hand against spammers and people that violate the site’s TOS. This is about as bad as having your website be deindexed by Google. Your engagement levels will plummet and your hashtags will stop receiving visibility. This is a huge setback if you have an established account that you invested a lot of time and resources in.

A number of factors can lead to an Instagram shadow ban, although Instagram hasn’t revealed them. Despite their lack of transparency, it seems that hashtag abuse is one of the biggest reasons Instagram users?accounts are shadow banned, so you need to look at them carefully.

So what can you do to avoid an Instagram Nike Blazer Low Womens shadow ban? Here are some guidelines to follow:

Pay Adidas Superstar Femme close attention to the types of hashtags that you are using. Nike Free Run 2 Womens Some hashtags may seem benign at first glance, but they can be abused by other accounts that are trying to promote adult content or other posts that violate the site’s TOS. If you are caught using hashtags that are associated with illicit content, then you may join the ranks of the abusing Instagrammers that get shadow banned.
Avoid using automated tools to build followers. You can use third-party tools for analytics and streamlining your posting, but you don’t want to use tools that are made to boost follower rates. These tools include apps that randomly follow unrelated users for the purpose or getting them to follow you back. You should also avoid using hashtags that are used for the sole purpose of getting new Instagram Adidas Zx 850 Womens followers or likes, such as #follow4follow or #like4like.
Don’t Nike Air Presto Womens use the maximum number of hashtags allowed in every Nike Roshe Run Womens post. While Instagram lets you use 30 hashtags, abusing this allowance in every post could trigger the spam filter.

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