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The luxury of the wine cellar can be imagined. The most important thing in the private wine cellar is how Consignment of red wine, red wine required temperature requirements below 18 degrees, so the need for a good performance, enough professional wine cellar air conditioning, humidifier. Now the wine cellar is not before, inside all kinds of advanced equipment, for the cellar master Gradually wine tasting / gradually enjoyment, a Fuli Li planning is necessary, the most commonly used wine storage is the use of solid wood wine rack, which is now the most popular way to put wine, wine racks use more pure wood, its texture, it The real wood scent is really seen, To, large natural wood wine racks seek close touch, and some people deliberately want to do the old wine cellar, antique, making the wine cellar has more experience before history, as the accumulation of a lot of pre-history of civilization. Related links: thermal expansion coefficient flooring attach fence panels to existing wooden poles laminate vinyl fence panels in uk

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