and-15 play. So if the Competition Com

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LATROBE , Pennsylvania (AP) — The Pittsburgh Steelers and coach Mike Tomlin have agreed on a one-year contract extension that will run through the 2021 season.The club announced the deal as players arrived at Saint Vincent College on Thursday for the start of Tomlin’s 13th training camp with the team.The 47-year-old Tomlin had two years left on his previous deal, a time frame when the Steelers typically renegotiate or do new contracts for prominent coaches, players and front-office members.“Mike is one of the most successful head coaches in the National Football League, and we are confident in his leadership to continue to lead our team as we pursue our goal of winning another championship Kendall Sheffield Jersey ,” Steelers president Art Rooney II said in a statement.Tomlin is 126-66-1 since replacing Bill Cowher in 2007. He has led the Steelers to a pair of Super Bowl appearances — winning one — while capturing six AFC North titles and eight playoff berths overall. Pittsburgh is looking to bounce back from a late-season collapse last winter that forced it to miss the postseason for the first time since 2013. Five years ago, Commissioner Roger Goodell was asked which team he roots for. He said the team that’s trailing.That’s the best approach for the NFL’s business interests. If the losing team closes the gap, the game becomes more interesting. If the losing team falls farther behind, viewers go check what’s new on Netflix.So with the new kickoff formation making it harder for the team that is losing late in the game to keep possession , the Broncos have proposed the fourth-and-15 concept as a way to keep the ball when a team is desperate to tie or win the game. Seven of eight members of the Competition Committee have endorsed the proposal, giving it enhanced chances of prevailing when the owners vote.But at a time when members of the Competition Committee like to use the possibility of “unintended consequences” as a fly swatter, there is one specific potential unintended consequence of the fourth-and-15 approach that the owners should recognize before casting their votes. As noted by Chris Simms on Monday’s , who was grasping for any reason to disagree with my own support of the idea Qadree Ollison Jersey , the standard fourth-and-15 conversion rate may not be the best way to predict success if fourth and 15 becomes the late-game replacement for the onside kick.In those situations, the defense will be expected — after a potentially lengthy scoring drive — to suck it up for one more play, with no real break. And if the offense converts, the defense continues to be stuck on the field Brian Burns Jersey , perhaps through another lengthy scoring drive. Depending on the depth of the hole that the losing team had dug for itself, this process could lather-rinse-repeat until the defense of the winning team collapses in exhaustion.While that’s an extreme example, the point is this: The fourth-and-15 replacement for the onside kick won’t be an apples-to-apples simulation of the normal fourth-and-15 play. So if the Competition Committee or anyone else will be using those statistics as a way to sell the approach, the owners need to realize that past success of fourth and 15 will be the floor , not the ceiling, for its conversion rate.

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