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On Thursday afternoon , a bizarre back and forth unfolded on Twitter regarding whether former Oilers/Titans and Rams coach Jeff Fisher will be coaching the XFL’s Houston franchise. On Friday morning’s ,  option, if Fisher and the XFL (who definitely have been talking) don’t reach a deal.Wade Phillips.The Rams defensive coordinator has the chops to be a head coach, but after three different stints in that role (and with the league skewing young when it comes to head coaches), a fourth NFL opportunity is unlikely. A first XFL opportunity could be compelling, especially if it were to happen in the city where his dad, Bum, became a local legend as coach of the Oilers.The L.A. XFL franchise also has a vacancy Khari Willis Jersey , and as Charean mentioned during the show, Wade’s children and grandchildren live there. And maybe, if Wade were willing and the Rams and the XFL were cooperative, Phillips could work for the Rams and moonlight with the XFL, after the NFL season ends.However it plays out, there are some intriguing options for the final two XFL coaching spots. And landing a guy like Wade Phillips would go a long way to giving a specific team, and the league in general, plenty of credibility and legitimacy. A year ago Josh Allen Jersey , the Cardinals drafted Josh Rosen 10th overall after signing Sam Bradford in free agency. The Cardinals named Bradford the starter but added they would give Rosen a chance to compete for the job.Everyone knows how that turned out. Both quarterbacks now are gone after a three-win season.While Kliff Kingsbury stopped short of naming Kyler Murray the team’s starting quarterback for the 2019 season opener, General Manager Steve Keim stated the obvious.He quickly answered, “Yes,” when Rich Eisen asked if Murray would start against Detroit on Sept. 8. Eisen followed with, “You didn’t stutter,” prompting Keim to say, “No.”“We didn’t draft him one overall to ride the pine,” Keim added on this week. “I know it’s a lot to put on his back , but that’s why we drafted him. He’s a fierce competitor, and that’s what he did at Oklahoma this year. He put the team on his back. They didn’t have a great defense, and he knew he had to score on almost every series to give them a chance to win. I sort of like the chances there.”Kingsbury answered, “We’ll see,” when asked about Murray starting on , and mentioned veteran Brett Hundley. (And, no, he didn’t seem to intend it as a joke.)The Cardinals wasted the Rosen choice Josh Oliver Jersey , giving him no chance to become the franchise quarterback they obviouslythought he was a year ago. He’s now in Miami, and the Cardinals now are Murray’s team.Who could have envisioned that? “Oh, man,” Keim said. “It’d be hard to understand any circumstances other than the one that just happened that that would happen. I know it sounds far fetched, but again, if I didn’t the feel I got while watching the tape of Kyler Murray and how dynamic he is, there’s probably zero chance of that happening.”Keim’s future now is in Murray’s hands from Day One.

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