a member of a strong 2002 NFL Draft class

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It is yet another National Football League week of wondering if the Cleveland Browns will go to quarterback Johnny Manziel while the team is in the middle of a playoff race. The Browns are not yet eliminated from the postseason Jonah Williams Jersey , but career backup Brian Hoyer is no longer getting the job done. Only those inside of the organization know how Manziel is preparing and performing in practices. Unless he is truly lost when running the offense during midweek sessions, the Browns would have nothing to lose in going to the rookie to see if Manziel can provide a spark to an offense that isn't finding the end zone this holiday season.Elsewhere around the NFL, the two best teams in the league picked up wins during games that were featured on prime time national television. The New England Patriots moved to 10-3 after defeating the San Diego Chargers on Sunday Night Football, while the Green Bay Packers did enough to hold off an Atlanta Falcons side that put up a real fight on Monday night. Those two clubs are seemingly destined to face off once again in a contest that will occur on neutral turf in February. Is Tom Brady a couple of months away from cementing his legacy and avenging an earlier defeat to Aaron Rodgers and the Packers?At the very bottom of NFL power rankings is a group of clubs that could use better play at the quarterback position. At least a few of those teams will likely be looking to acquire QBs in the 2015 NFL Draft. Others Elgton Jenkins Jersey , meanwhile, have some tough decisions to make during the winter months. The story in Washington grows in intrigue with every week, as rumors that the front office and the coaching staff are not on the same page continue to leak. It would be bold for the Redskins to move on from Robert Griffin III so early into his NFL career. Washington mortgaged the future to grab RG3 not too long ago. Believe it or not, the Pittsburgh Steelers have better luck in the NFL Draft than most people would expect http://www.packerscheapshoponline.com/cheap-authentic-jace-sternberger-jersey , especially in the first round. Though they've landed some busts in the past few years, especially Evander 'Ziggy' Hood and Jarvis Jones, the Steelers' excellent drafting is why a veteran team remains a Super Bowl contender each year.What if the Steelers could go back to the start of the 2000s, though Dexter Williams Jersey , and change up some of their draft picks? Would Ben Roethlisberger still land in Pittsburgh, or would the Steelers wait on Aaron Rodgers in the 2005 NFL Draft? What would happen with Casey Hampton, a member of a strong 2002 NFL Draft class? How about Lawrence Timmons at linebacker in the 2007 NFL Draft?As with other re-drafts, there’s two things to keep in mind with this re-draft:- To add some fun and realism to the mix Nick Bosa Jersey , we’re going to pretend that each pick follows one another, meaning who the Steelers drafted in this version of the 2002 NFL Draft may change how they look at the 2003 NFL Draft.- Players already off the board (i.e. Eli Manning in 2004) are ineligible for this, meaning Pittsburgh will have to do the best of what they’re given.Ready to take a look back at history and come up with some new rosters? Let's do it.

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